Nouvelle Candle Distressed Terracotta Vase Crepe Myrtle

Jo Waite Interiors Fort Smith Arkansas Terracotta Vase Nouvelle Candle

Nouvelle Candle in a Distressed Terracotta Vase
Crepe Myrtle fragrance – Narcotic in its allure, a landmark in southern landscapes for centuries. This unique intermingling of white honeysuckle, light citrus and exotic green wood is truly captivating.
28 ounce Hand Poured Candle
Made in the USA


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Product Description

Available in these other fragrances:

Grapefruit Blackberry- Ripe luscious ruby red grapefruit blended with the tartness of blackberry and currant.
Mademoiselle – Our tribute to the independent woman. Asiatic patchouli blended with rich chocolate finished with a hint of Parisian perfume. Truly exotic.
Fresh Linen – The revitalizing scent of clean, fresh linen, windswept from an afternoon on the clothesline in the summer sun. Crisp and pleasing.
Orange Vanilla – Subtle hints of roasted vanilla bean floating on a base of sun-ripened orange and citrus notes.
Pomegranate Peel and Amber – The sharpness of sun-kissed ripe pomegranate peel blended with warm rich amber notes finished with a hint of lime.
Tuscan Currant – The tartness of black currant combined with cassis create this truly unusual fragrance. Completed with sparkling notes of lime.

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Product Features

Burn Time 150-160 hours