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25 Aug GetProjects is one web method call which is taking more time but Load Runner is not waiting for it to complete and throwing a timeout much earlier. Error while replaying. Action.c(): Error:Step download timeout ( seconds) has expired. Action.c(): Error:SOAP request "GetProjects" execution. 19 Jan Solved: Hi, OS: windows XP, Browser:IE 8, Protocol:Web(Http/Html) LR: When i run the script for 1 user it gave me the error as step timeout to download. 28 Dec Change the "Step DownLoad Timeout (secs)" from the default value of seconds to the desired value. Note that in the Run-Time Setting dialog, the The Step Download Timeout encompasses all requests made from a single LoadRunner statement. For example, a step in the script may consist of a.

29 Nov Load Runner(LR) - Error: “ Step download timeout ( seconds) has expired when downloading resource(s) ” If step download time error is coming after few iterations that means your application is actually taking this much time to process it. To resolve the issue, try following. Go to Run-Time. 6 May Step Download Timeout means that the step needed to performed for the subsequent step to be performed have reached its timeout limit (default is secs) in LoadRunner. A more detailed explanation can be found in KB Having mentioned the above, there are situations we must take note when. EVEN THOUGH TIMEOUT IS SETThe following error occurs even after setting receive and connect timeouts in the script using the web_set_timeout() function: Error Step download timeout ( seconds) has expired when downloading resource(s). Set the "Resource Page Timeout is a Warning" This error indicates.

25 Feb I'm seeing a lot of searches for Timeout issues landing on the blog these days. LoadRunner defaults to seconds on all Web based protocols (HTTP, WebServices, Click & Script), but this can be easily changed using a The error message should look something like “Step Download Timeout”. 14 Apr While working with Load Runner to Create load generation scripts we might encounter the following error: Error Step download timeout ( seconds ) has expired. This error is returned when the timeout (which defaults to seconds) limit is exceeded. This might happen due to network latency or. Even if we add the web_set_timeout(STEP, ""); function to increase the limit, we are getting the below error. Error: Timeout ( seconds) exceeded while waiting to receive data for URL "URL Name" Can any one has any thoughts on this please? Thanks, Latha 1. What version of LoadRunner (LR) or.


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