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Free Beats Antique Album. Zoe Jakes' fabulous band Beats Antique is giving away their second album for free. Don't foget to support the band by buying their next album. To download Collide, follow the link below: http://beatsantique. Posted by VBD at PM · Email ThisBlogThis! Share to. How CBD saved Beats Antique's Tommy Cappel from a life of seizures and medication. BEATS ANTIQUE, an oakland based group featuring ZOE JAKES, DAVID SATORI, AND SIDECAR TOMMY, which has stumbled down the rabbit hole and emerged anew on the other side. BEATS ANTIQUE forges a curious. ELEKTRAFONE by beats antique, released 04 October 1. Cat Skillz 2. The Porch 3. Alto 4. Siren Song 5. Skytalk 6. Snarl Axel 7. Uneven 8. Swagger 9. Alleyway (with Ill Gates) We Swarm - Glitch Mob (Beats Antique REMIX).

7 Sep The tenacious trio of David Satori, Zoe Jakes and Sidecar Tommy have just released the Beats Antique Animale Mechanique Mixtape. The group said, "For our current tour we decided it'd be fun to one of those "mix tapes" we know , there's no tape, but you get it so we've put together a mix of some. Looking Back: Beats Antique with Tipper and Alex Grey @ Fillmore Auditorium. Last weekend, the Fillmore Auditorium hosted a show celebrating visual art and music. The strong lineup of artists attracted enough people to sell out the sizable venue, making it one of the must-see events of the weekend. Musically, the event . 8 Apr I was planning on writing an exhaustive summary of the brilliant and mesmerizing Beat's Antique concert that I saw in Bend last Friday, but I'm low on time today. Instead, I thought it might be cool just to see my disembodied, stream-of- consciousness-style notes that I took during the show. My hope is that it.

16 Apr London's conscious party scene turned out in force for Beats Antique's stomping UK debut atIllumination last month. We caught up with the West Coast band to ask how they found it, and when they're coming back!. 26 Nov This musical trio that goes by the name of Beats Antique has been taking their experimental fusion of electronica and worldly beats on the road, touring and promoting their newest EP, CONTRAPTION VOL. 2 (in total, they've now released four albums and two EPs). The group is made up of David Satori. 1 Feb I'm fairly certain that when the average person hears the term "bellydance" that images of breakdancing and electronica are not the first things to come to mind. These average people have not had the pleasure of experiencing Beats Antique and the popping, locking, explosive personality of world famous.


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