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Flash header banner

Our flash header are completely free for personal and commercial projects. But you are not allowed to offer this flash header banners for downloading directly from any other website. With no programming knowledge you can configure and update our flash headers, you can add your company name or title, your own slogan. Flash banners. Each flash banner is customizable through a text file. These flash banners are ready to on your website, you don't any flash programming knowledge to use them. You can replace images by yours. You can also insert your own music very easily in mp3 format, or remove music, or change banner size. Flash ads are interactive web banners made with Adobe Flash that can feature complex animations, movies and sound. This technology became extremely popular online because of how it can react to users. For example, an entire ad can transform into a full multimedia experience—all with a simple mouse-over.

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This page provide samples of our Standard Flash animated banner (page1). Even though Flash have already retired compelling flash banners are still out there. If you wish to use a flash banner in the Logo/Header area of your website, you will first of all need to make sure your banner is saved as file before uploading. Your banner will also have to be the correct dimensions. Anything bigger than px by px will not be supported. When you are ready to upload your file to.


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