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Web bot prediction software

Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It was developed in , originally to predict stock market trends. The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, keep the technology and. Did the WEB BOT predict the future in ? I first wrote about the Web Bot in and reported the predictions it made for The Web Bot is a computer program -- actually many different programs -- that is alleged to be able to predict future trends and events from analyzing subtle changes in our choice of words to . 25 Jan In simplistic terms, the Web Bot is software that is based on the Internet. It's hardly new, having been created in , with the original purpose to predict stock market trends. The Internet bot analyses news, media, articles, blogs, and other varieties of online content, then looks for keywords and places a.

So if you haven't already, you need to buy Clif High's new Web Bot report called " Curious Crypto Compendium." This by Web Bot Predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum (And other Cryptos) June and Beyond Should tag along with Ethereum as it is a derivative of Ethereum, but it is also a software technology. 1 Jan Greg Hunter did a great interview of Clif High recently to go over the predictions for his Web Bot project. This project uses predictive linguistics to forecast future events. Lots of interesting things in this one and some really great news overall. Here's some of the highlights. Bitcoin will stay within the current. 15 Jun Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Web Bot predictions, Antarctica, Bitcoin, and the World of Woo with guest, Clif High. With the is susceptible to signals throughout the universe and is manifested in our language which is then examined through his decoding software.

by Gary Vey for viewzone. Be sure to see the UPDATE at the bottom of this page! I first heard about the "web bot" some years ago. There was a piece on the news about a man who had developed a computer program that could successfully predict trends and events of the future. His predictions were so accurate that the. An Analysis of Web Bot "Failures" Web Bot is a predictive computer program that has been touted by its originator, Clif High (a former Microsoft software engineer), as being able to predict the future. Since the program (and independent financial experts) have at times predicted a collapse of the dollar which has not. 18 Mar The “Web Bot” is a software program created in that some claim can predict the future by means of tracking keywords used on the Internet. It was intended to predict the stock market by its creators, Clif High and George Ure, but many people think it can do much more than that now and has.


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