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Polar si8000m

The Sim is a boundary element method field solver that builds on the familiar easy to use user interface in earlier Polar impedance design systems. The Sim adds enhanced modelling to predict the finished impedance of multiple dielectric PCB builds and also takes into account the local variations in dielectric. Sim interface module enables 3rd party software to use the Sim for impedance field solving. Sim Interface Module – OEM access to the powerful Sim boundary element field solver. OEMs wishing to access Sim via the interface module please contact: Martyn Gaudion. Partners include. I am a technical support engineer focus on printed circuit board for several years, and your Si software is my key tool with our customer, such as mobile phone design house cooperation, consumption electronic customer, etc Ken Wei, China. Polar Instruments | Privacy Statement | © Polar Instruments | ISO

Citation: () "Polar Sim – an enhanced field solving controlled impedance design system designed especially for single and multiple dielectric PCB substrates", Circuit World, Vol. 30 Issue: 2, bad Downloads: The fulltext of this document has been downloaded 46 times. Sim - Field solver to model impedance on multiple dielectric structures. POLAR: Sim Lossless Impedance Design Simulator. Sim - Field solver to model impedance on multiple dielectric structures. Sim uses boundary element analysis to compute the controlled impedance of a given PCB track tool is used widely in the PCB design, layout and fabrication industry.

Oct 24, Download Multiple dielectric impedance calculator for free. Multiple dielectric transmission line calculator using a 2D field solver to compute the transmission line characteristics from the circuit trace dimensions entered by the user.


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