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Funga alafia song

Notes. Further explanation of the lyrics Yoruba Words Alafia: A greeting, like hello with the meaning of "good health" or "peace" (like "shalom"). Alafia is a type of traditional welcome dance. Fanga: A traditional welcome dance. It's often misspelled as "funga". Ashe: (Pronounced "ah-shay") The Yoruba believe "ashe" is a. Lyrics. Funga alafia, ashay, ashay (repeat). Apparently, the more accurate spelling of “funga” is “fanga,” and “ashay” is “asé” (source). A typical translation is : Funga alafia = Welcome, blessings. Asé = Let it be so, or the English word “ amen.” This song has the same tune as Lil' Liza Jane. FUNGA ALAFIA! is an African folk traditional "Welcome Song". This arrangement is great fun for beginning players as it also engages them with body percussion. Definitely a great tool to teach and feel rhythm as well as unison singing; very suitable as an opening number for any beginning band concerts! Facebook · Twitter.

This catchy, happy song from Liberia is great for: Greeting students. A quick action activity. Working with the rhythmic element 'syncopa'. Teaching 'high do'. Singing in 4 part canon! Kodály Analysis: Funga Alafia, Theme: Multicultural, Games: Action. Partner: Form: Song Type: 4 or more Part Canon. Scale: do Pentatonic. Funga alafia, [leap up and bounce with legs apart bent arms and hands face out] Ashé, ashé. [ 2 steps as above but to the left this time] REPEAT the song 4x [3rd time leap and turn backwards repeat the motions back to audience. Leap and turn back facing audience 4th time.] La la la Alafia [clap neighbor's hands ] Ashé . 8 Nov Instruments Meaning of Song Some other facts: Although it is commonly spelled Funga, the proper way to spell and say it is Fanga. The words Funga Alafia directly mean "Hello, welcome". The word Funga is specifically the word for welcome dance and the word Alafia is specifically a greeting like "good.


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